You see the picture at the top of this page? The woman weighing herself? She looks so happy!

Guess what? That is a stock image from the internet. That certainly isn’t reality. Now I know that sometime we can have victories in regards to our weight, but for anyone who has been trying to lose weight for a while can attest, the scale is an evil contraption conceived by Satan himself!

Our journey to a healthy life almost always revolves around weighing less. We look in the mirror, weigh ourselves, and then assign ourselves a worth based on the information we’ve collected. We look at pictures of famous actors, athletes, etc. We say to ourselves, “This guy/girl is my height, and weighs ‘x’ amount, so I have to get to that weight to look the same as them.” Unfortunately, however, the reality is that we are not Rich Froning, Dwayne Johnson, Brooke Wells, or Gal Gadot. Yet still we assess our progress and worth based on a number that pops up on a little square device.

The problem is not tracking our weight. I believe that one should track as many variables as possible when striving to become healthier. The more areas you track, the more likely you are to see improvement somewhere! The issues start cropping up when we religiously weigh ourselves every single day. It becomes part of our morning routine, and if we don’t see what we want to see on the scale, our day is ruined! Never mind the fact that we just ran a mile faster than we ever have before, or lifted more on a deadlift than we have in years. We have become a slave to it, and rather than focusing on the plethora of other positive things happening in our lives, we instead decide to let one bit of information rule us. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we have ALL been there.

I myself have become a victim to this tradition. The tradition of ignoring all my successes in the gym and worrying about my weight. I began weighing myself every single morning, and while I have stopped doing that, I still place an inordinate amount of importance on that number when I do weigh myself.

Well guess what? This has to stop. We need to end the tyrannical rule of the scale over our lives. I tell clients and friends this simple truth… If you looked like a Greek god/goddess, would you ever feel the need to step on a scale? The answer is certainly ‘no’. So the answer is not putting all the power in the scale, but rather looking for improvements everywhere! Maybe your clothes fit looser, or you can do a pull-up now, or perhaps you can see more definition in your arms. All these things will bring you more joy than a simple number that no one knows but you.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We are going to start posting other victories aside from our weight. Often called non-scale victories or NSV. The biggest victories should always be off the scale! With that in mind, if you’re trying to improve your health, post a victory on social media that has nothing to do with your weight, use the hashtag #endscaletyranny, and tag us in it! We want to start a revolution, and all it takes is you to start!

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