Healthy Family Resources

We offer idea, recipes, motivation, inspiration, and healthy strategies absolutely free! Everyone deserves to have a healthy family!

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Keto Meal Plans

Want something simple that you can follow and start seeing results? This is the ticket! Monthly customized meal plans for whatever your goals are!

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Nutrition Coaching

Meal plans not enough? Do you need to be accountable to someone who cares about your success? We're here to help!

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Change your nutrition culture!


We are a family that is dedicated not only to making ourselves better, but believe we have an obligation to help other families as well. We work together to show that anyone who wants to change their nutrition culture, can!

We have been there. We've been that typical family that ate whatever sounded good with no thought as to what it did to our bodies. We were gaining weight and becoming unhealthy. Dave weighed over 425 lbs! Most distressing of all is that we saw our children gaining weight and following in our footsteps...

We certainly are not perfect, but we have changed our family's relationship with food, and you can too! Let us help!


So what now?

Get started on your own journey, whether it's just for you, or for your whole family! The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the next best time is right now!