Keto Chicken Strips! Just like the real thing!

Ok people, let’s talk chicken.

Chicken is great right? I mean, at least most of the time it is. When you’re eating a low carb lifestyle, it seems like your only options for chicken are baked or grilled. As exciting as it is to have chicken the same way for the 200th time, we have to admit that it does indeed get old. Sometimes, frankly, you just want some fried chicken. Unfortunately, breading isn’t on the menu, but we have a solution! Pork rinds!

Now I know what you’re thinking. How can we use pork rinds to make fried chicken? Well here’s how!

Pork rind fried chicken:


Chicken breast cut into strips.

Almond flour or coconut flour mixed 1:1 with garlic salt.

Eggs beat until combined.

Pork rinds ground into a flour consistency.


If you have a fryer, set the temperature to 350 degrees. Otherwise use a pan with oil in it on a medium-high heat.

Grab a large bag of pork rinds and use your food processor to grind them up. Keep in mind that it takes quite a bit to make enough “breading” for your chicken. Plan on at least using one bag, depending on how much you plan on making.

Combine your garlic salt and almond/coconut flour, and beat your eggs just until they’re mixed. The amounts for these ingredients will vary widely, again, depending on how much chicken you’ll be making. Start with a cup of flour and garlic salt, and 3 eggs.

Take your strips of chicken and first coat them with the flour and garlic salt mixture. One they are coated, dip them in the eggs, again making sure to cover the entire strip. Finally you will cover the strip in the ground up pork rinds. You can make several and place them on a baking sheet to be ready to go into the fryer.

When your oil is hot, place the strips gently in the fryer or pan and let cook for 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

As always, when working with chicken, be sure to check to ensure that it has been cooked through, and that there is no pink visible.

Let the strips sit for a couple minutes as they will be very hot, and then enjoy!

Here is a video of us cooking so you can meet my family and see how we do it!

My family loves this recipe! My kids devour them, and the flavor really is spot on. Experiment with your own spices and sauces to see what you and your family will like! We enjoy them plain, but try out some low carb sauces. Most of all, get your kids involved and they will love every minute of it! Let us know how your family likes to eat their keto chicken strips!

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