So now that we’re here, where do we go?

What do you do when you’re at the end of your rope?

What does it take for you to really make a change?

No I’m not talking about switching from Coke to Pepsi… I’m talking about a complete life change. I’m talking about being backed against a corner and only having one way to go.

That was me in December of 2014. My health was awful. I was fat, had high blood pressure, was prediabetic, the list goes on. I saw a life where I wouldn’t be able to see my children grow up, and that scared the hell out of me.

I realized that something had to be done, and while I was doing that, I realized that it was impossible to care about my own health without also caring about my family’s. Here I was eating right, losing weight, and feeling awesome, while at the meantime my wife and children were eating Poptarts for breakfast.

We are constantly bombarded with information on how to be healthier. The problem for me, is that these messages don’t include those who are closest to us. I am a father of 4 lovely children, who I would gladly die for if the need ever arose. I imagine many parents feel the same way. If that’s true, then how can we ignore their health while being so obsessed with our own?

I believe we have a unique opportunity to raise a generation that can change our nation’s food culture, and it all starts with changing your nutrition culture at home!

That is our dream. We want to provide resources, information, and inspiration for families so that they can find the strength to change who they are nutritionally!

With that in mind, my wife and I are going to post recipes, shoot videos, and share content right from our own home that will help anyone who is looking to change.

It’s never an easy journey, but the results will be incredible!


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